Jun 17, 2018

Sunday Sale Featuring Summertime Can Coolers!

Here are some New Can Coolers in store now!
Great for your vacation trips! 

It's Summertime and Living Is Easy Can Cooler
It's Summertime and Living Is Easy Can Cooler
by janislil

There's a site-wide sale going on now!
See you there! 

Jun 9, 2018

Be A Happy Camper It's A Site-Wide Sale!

Be a Happy Camper and Enjoy a Great Sale!
Up to 40% Off select products
and 15% Off Sitewide!!   

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Here's some new items in store now!
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Jun 6, 2018

Mama Needs Coffee!!

Mama needs coffee! 
Because ... There are New Designs and Design Options at Zazzle. 
At the right on product page you will find (Transfer This Design)! 
 *if it's available for that design/item, from there you can print that design onto another product of your choice. 
 We are making it so easy for you! Here are a few new items to check out, ...in store now!

Jun 1, 2018

Cute Keychains

Keychains Who doesn't like Doggie Paws?
Who doesn't like Cat Paws?
Love the Country LIfe, You'll love this COuntry Life Keychain!
Here's one for your little princess!

May 28, 2018

Wedding Keepsakes on Sale Now!

Wedding Keepsakes! 
June is a great month to have a wedding. 
 Check out these darling hats to share 
with the Bridal Party For Brides, Grooms, and More. 
 They're Customizables!

May 27, 2018

Cool Cotton Canvas Totes

New In Store Now!
100% sturdy Cotton Canvas Totes.This tote only gets better with age, it's made with natural materials
that may have a dinged up look but ... 
the more dinged-up it gets, the better it looks! 

May 24, 2018

Gifts For Girls!

Hi Folks! 
I've been busy designing some great items at Zazzle! 
Come check out our current deals @ JANET LEE DESIGNS! 

 Cute Pillow Case for your little girls room.Unicorns And Rainbow Clouds Pillow Case
Matching Duvet Cover for your little girls room!
Cute Pillow for your little girls room.
Give them something to stare at keychain.

May 23, 2018

40% OFF Select T-Shirts!

Suits You to a T! 40% Off Select T-Shirts!

 I'll Always Be Daddy's Little Girl Tee.


Team Day Drunk ..how bout it girls!

Classic Dad ...for Father's Day!

Nana T-Shirt

Nana Fashion T-Shirt
Nana Fashion T-Shirt
by janislil


*see more at JANET LEE DESIGNS
or create a One-Of-A-Kind

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