Feb 20, 2019

Big Booty Gifts!

Check out this collection at Janet Lee Designs!
Working toward that big booty to get ready for the summer months? Any girl would love to get one of these as a gift. You can also take this design and add it to any of my other products you may like, such as Posters, Keychains, Pillows, and More!
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or come create a one of a kind by adding pics, graphics, and/or text with lots of new fonts available.
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Feb 16, 2019

Personalize And Customize Cool Stuff!!!

Hi Folks!
There are new items at Zazzle!!
You can add any of my designs you like ...
to any product you like!
Just click the add this too button and pick out which product you would like to add it too.
personalize and/or customize, it's that easy!!
Here I've added the same design to several products
for you check out. These all make great gifts anyone would love to recieve, office supplies, fashion, pet supplies, school supplies, auto accessories, wedding supplies, and so much more!  

see more at: 

Janet Lee Designs @ Zazzle