Jan 9, 2015

It's Chili Time!

Baby It's Cold Outside!! It's Chili Weather!! If you're like me, you love chili, especially on a cold day,and I must say, here in Illinois we're having some really cold days.So today I'm going to share My Fast and Easy Chili Recipe along with some of My Favorite Chili Bowls on Zazzle. 

  The amount of ingredient depends on how many people you are feeding, 
so please use your own judgement. 

Janet Lee's 
"Fast and Easy Chili".

Cooked Ground Beef 
Chopped Onion 
Stewed Tomatoes-Cut Up 
Green Pepper (optional)
Canned Hormel Chili 
Chili Powder (sprinkled in, to taste)
White Vinegar (cap-full to taste) 

Brown the Ground Beef in a separate pan. 
Cut up your tomatoes and onions. 
In a big pot, 
chili,onions,tomatoes,cooked ground beef,(optional green pepper).
Add Chili Powder through-out cooking (to taste).
Cook on the stove top until hot and spices are combined.
*serve with rolls or bread.

Don't forget to check out these beautiful chili bowls!
Hot pink and black zebra stripes monogram chili bowl
Hot pink and black zebra stripes monogram chili bowl by TheHopefulRomantic
Look at more Pink and black zebra Chili Bowls at zazzle

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