Feb 16, 2015

Another Great Sale!!!

Happy Year of the Sheep!    
 Ends Saturday    Use Code: YEAROFZSHEEP
See Details in Stores.
  • Janet Lee Designs-Zazzle 
  • > Lots of great products and gifts for everyone and all occasions.
  •  KardKaddy
  • > Beautiful Cards/Postcards and/matching Postage.
  • Itz A Wrap
  • > Awesome wrapping paper, some recently matched with ribbon, 
  • gift tags, tissue paper, and gift bags.
  • Jelly Bean Bin
  • > Filled candy jars and tins, jelly beans or mints-your choice.
  • The Box Box
  • Beautiful gift boxes for your special gifts, jewelry, or what-nots.
  • Zazzle Bascis-DIY
  • Design Your OWN ... Who doesn't want a gift designed by their loved one! 
  • Design a pillow for your home, lots of great products to customize for your home or loved one.
  • Wedding Keepsakes 
  • Beautiful gifts for The Bride, wedding party, or guests.
  • DIY Wedding Keepsakes
  • Design your own wedding keepsakes 
  • for your wedding participants, bride, groom, and so on.

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