Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Non-Slip Headbands

We Now Have Beautiful Headbands! 
 Available in 2 fabric finishes: Grosgrain and Satin A velvet backing comfortably grips at any hair type, and the back elastic portion adjusts to fit all head shapes and sizes. Headbands are printed before being sewn, allowing for beautiful edge-to-edge printing. Perfect for keeping hair out of your face when running. Hand wash cold, line dry. Made in the USA. Check back often for more designs.
Aqua and Purple Custom Headband
Aqua and Purple Custom Headband by janislil
Look at Aqua and purple Non-Slip Headbandss online at
Custom Dots Headband
Custom Dots Headband by janislil
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Indian Design Headband
Indian Design Headband by janislil
View another Elastic Headband at Zazzle
And Different Sizes as well ....
Cool Red Headband
Cool Red Headband by janislil
View Custom Non-Slip Headbandss online at zazzle
Red Striped Headband
Red Striped Headband by janislil
Check out other Red striped pattern Non-Slip Headbandss at

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